SELIS PROJECT: Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space

The SELIS project develops a Shared European Intelligent Information Space and fosters innovation in different aspects of transportation. The innovation is achieved by embracing a wide spectrum of logistics perspectives and by creating a unified operational and strategic business innovation agenda based on new pan European Green Logistics Strategies that will be supported by digital platforms, so-called SELIS Community Nodes.

SELIS’ Unique Strengths are based on:

  • The operational strategy Collaborative Planning and Synchromodal Transport which synchronizes logistics resources on networks to optimize costs, emissions, and reliability.
  • The organizational strategy Collaboration Risk and Value Sharing which determines how incentives are to be aligned to improve collaboration.
  • The information strategy Reliable Environmental Performance Reporting and Monitoring which delivers accurate carbon footprint calculations in real time and benchmarks carbon optimization strategies.

SELIS tools will be readily available and shared among the Supply Chain actors through the cloud, enabling them improve their operations and develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

General Enquiries/Information: SELIS Project Manager: Dr. Nikolaos Tsampieris, +30 6945908138,,