SELIS 2017 Athens Workshop: Setting the foundations of a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space


The SELIS Project ( organized the “2017 Athens Workshop” and discussed European Green Logistics Strategies to be tested in 8 Individual large scale Living Labs throughout Europe.

The SELIS vision of “delivering a Platform for pan-European Logistics Applications” is on track and interesting insights emerged from the discussions.

Dr. Katsoulakos, Project Coordinator, explains that “SELIS will enable accelerated digital transformation of the logistics sector through shared logistics intelligent information spaces offered as a service to each and every logistics community in Europe”.

Dr. Tsampieris, SELIS Project Manager, states that “SELIS offerings help logistics entities continually adapt to market and technology changes, giving them a significant competitive edge. SELIS will offer a new level of accessibility to data, bringing in added security, trustworthiness and integrity to establish its credibility as a pan-EU platform of choice offering at the same time an easy way to link up and use a local logistics platform and/or existing enterprise applications contributing to the development of a global logistics ecosystem”.

The SELIS mission is to create a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space that will become a growing network of logistics communities, the SELIS Community Nodes, so as to facilitate the Next Generation Collaborative-Responsive-Agile green supply chains.