A record 40-tonne shipment finds its perfect match with AirBridgeCargo’s ‘abcXL’ solution

AirBridgeCargo Airlines, one of the market leaders in the transportation of oversized and heavy shipments, has transported a record breaking 40-tonne shipment, showcasing the advantages of its dedicated ‘abcXL’ product.

The 8-meter long single spare part – weighing 37,500kg – was trucked from the Belgian plant of Jan De Nul Group, a leading maritime construction company, to Frankfurt, as part of the transportation organised by freight forwarder Ziegler.
After its arrival in Frankfurt, AirBridgeCargo transported the spare part to Singapore onboard one of its Boeing 747 freighters. The heavy part, which was needed for an ocean-going vessel, was safely delivered to its final destination thanks to the expertise of the abcXL team.

Despite challenging weather conditions in Frankfurt, including strong winds and rain, the loading procedures were completed as planned under the control of abcXL specialists and the airline’s Operations team based at the airport, who ensured the shipment – weighing a total of 40,000kg after build-up – was securely loaded intact into the B747F.

The abcXL team completed all the arrangements and gained the necessary confirmations for the transportation within a minimum timeframe of just 6 days from the initial customer request to the booking stage, including organising all essential operational staff and equipment. The Boeing 747F’s unique swing-up cargo nose door capability was the perfect solution for the shipment, which was placed onto a high loader by a special 110-tonne capacity crane and pulled onto the aircraft’s maindeck under the strict supervision of ABC’s specialists.

“This is the all-time record shipment weight for our company and, as we celebrate our 15th anniversary year, it is another demonstrate of our expertise and delivery capabilities. We are delighted that our customers value our network of dedicated abcXL staff and hubs. Both our FRA and SIN stations provide the whole spectrum of operational coverage needed for the transportation of XL shipments – essential equipment, trusted ground handling companies, and certified personnel. This, coupled with their promptness in the organisation of each delivery, fosters ABC’s volumes of XL shipments and allows us to guarantee a consistently high level of service quality,” stated Sergey Lazarev, General Director of AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

AirBridgeCargo organises deliveries of various super-long and heavy shipments with the support of its airport and ground handling partners to ensure the seamlessness of such technologically advanced and complex processes. Through collaborative actions and joint educational workshops with its partners, the company is able to bring best practices into the process of XL transportation.