B&H Worldwide further expands in Oceania with new presence in Brisbane

B&H Worldwide, the leading name in aerospace logistics has further expanded its operations in the Oceania region with the opening of a new office in Brisbane, Australia.

Located close to the capital of Queensland state’s airport the new facility will enable the B&H team to be closer to both existing and new customers.

The Queensland state is a key growth area for aviation and its airport which is the largest in Australia by land size, is one of the main import and export points for the region.  B&H’s specialist aerospace business is growing rapidly across the Oceania region and a third location in Australia will enable it to better serve customer demand.

The facility will be fully operational from 18th September 2023.

Says B&H Worldwide’s Head of Operations – Oceania, Colin Kaltner: “Being able to provide the B&H touch for our services is key to customer satisfaction.  With more and more customer requests for us to have a presence in Brisbane this is the ideal time to open a new location to satisfy that demand.  By improving our reach across Australia and investing in Brisbane, we are able to handle specialist aerospace logistics requirements to our own exacting standards”.